Could It Be Winter Allergies?

A recent WHO-TV story featured Dr. Tim Simplot discussing a topic that’s a surprise to many people: winter allergies. Although most of us think of spring and fall as the seasons for allergies, winter can actually be just as bad (or worse) for some people.

Once the cold weather hits, we all close up our homes and turn on the heat. This can be a problem for adults and kids who are allergic to dust, indoor molds, pets, etc.

Often, people assume that a stubborn cold is the reason for their wintertime sneezing, stuffy nose and itchy eyes. When that “cold” hangs on for longer than a week, however, or if you suffer from frequent sinus infections, the culprit may actually be winter allergies.

Some simple steps may help. Changing your furnace filter regularly, washing your sheets weekly in hot water and controlling the level of humidity in your home (too much humidity can increase mold spore production) can make a big difference. Over-the-counter allergy medications may also help.

If you’re still suffering, consider making an appointment with one of the expert physicians at Iowa ENT Center. Our painless, no-shot testing can help you determine if you’re allergic to any of 51 different allergens. If you are, we can custom-formulate medication for your specific allergies. And through immunotherapy, we can help you become less sensitive to allergens so you can feel better and live life more fully.