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Spotting Sleep Apnea in Kids

As a healthcare professional, you already understand the dangers sleep apnea can pose to adults. Unfortunately, recent studies have shown that sleep apnea is affecting more children as well.

Due to the close relationship of oral issues and sleep-related symptoms, dentists have a unique opportunity to spot the warning signs for sleep apnea in their child patients. If children or their parents complain of loud snoring, nasal speech, drooling, teeth bruxism (grinding) or an “open mouth habit, take note: these could be symptoms of more serious sleep-related problems like sleep apnea.

Left undiagnosed and untreated, such problems can lead to poor oral health, physical illness and behavioral issues like hyperactivity, inattention and irritability. That’s why we encourage you to contact Iowa ENT Center, PLLC right away.

Our physicians will help evaluate your patient’s condition and recommend the best course of action. We offer the area’s most advanced treatments for childhood sleep-related problems—with minimal discomfort and faster recovery times. So your patients can breathe easier, sleep better and remain healthy for years to come.

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