Hearing loss is a common condition affecting more than 35 million Americans. While it is a familiar condition to many, most people don’t realize the long term effects of hearing loss. In fact, it is a medical condition that can be treated in most cases.

Patients with hearing loss suffer. Hearing loss can cause people to feel disconnected from their surroundings and can lead to withdrawal from people and activities. As humans, we communicate; we need this interaction to stay healthy. People with chronic hearing loss have progressive difficultly communicating with people.

This leads to withdrawal from social interactions and activities. For people with advanced hearing loss, life can become lonely, depressing, and frightening. For patients with dementia, this can be catastrophic and can lead to the progression of this disease.

At Iowa ENT Center, our hearing professionals understand the importance of hearing optimization. Our physicians have many years of experience in restoring and rehabilitating hearing for years and are among the most experienced professionals in the state. Between our physicians and our hearing specialists, every option for hearing rehabilitation is available to our patients.

We have the technical expertise, leading edge technology and training, and experience to offer the best option for each individual patient. We are committed to offering our patients the best options to reconnect with their world through hearing optimization.

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