Surgery Guide for Kids

Surgery can be scary for anyone. But it’s especially hard for some kids. Most of the time, their fear arises because they don’t understand what’s going to happen to them.

That’s why we created a surgery guide just for kids. Developed by our child life specialist, Courtney Mergen, the guide takes kids step-by-Cover of Surgery Guide for Kidsstep through the entire experience, from the time they arrive at West Lakes Surgery Center to pre-op to the operating room and more. Complete with photos of the whole process (except the surgery itself, of course!), the guide will help kids feel more in control and less afraid.

Two versions of the guide are available: one for any surgery and one just for tonsillectomies. (Printed copies are available, too. Just request one during your next office visit.)

If you or your child have any specific questions or worries that aren’t addressed in the guide, remember that we’re always here to help. To speak with your Iowa ENT Center physician, nurse or child life specialist, just call us at [515] 223-4368.