Your Initial Thyroid Visit

For many people, the first visit with a surgeon can be stressful.  If you are being referred by another doctor, we will most likely have reviewed your records before your visit.  The more information we have before the visit, the better.  If you’ve not been referred, collecting results of studies such as ultrasound, blood tests and biopsies is helpful.

The surgeon will review your history and hear your individual thyroid story. We will perform a comprehensive physical exam with special attention to the thyroid, neck and throat.

Because very important nerves to the voice box run directly past the thyroid gland, it is important to examine the voice box at the initial assessment.  Part of the exam will involve an endoscopic viewing of the vocal cords to evaluate for any nerve involvement of the thyroid and any co-existing throat disorder which may affect decision-making regarding your condition.  This will be performed by our dedicated speech pathologist, who specializes in voice disorders and has a special focus on professional voice.

Depending on the issue with thyroid, several possible outcomes from the visit may occur.  In some cases, no intervention is needed.  Other times, additional testing is required to clarify the problem at hand or determine a treatment path.  In some cases, surgery is clearly indicated.

Regardless of the outcome of the initial visit, our goal is to clearly explain the underlying thyroid issue and thoroughly describe treatment options.  Our surgeons are highly experienced at educating patients about all manner of thyroid conditions.  You will have an opportunity to ask questions and discuss whatever plan may emerge.  Our nurses are also very experienced and are excellent resources for information during the visit or at any time afterward, should you have questions later.