Speech, language and hearing disorders among children are very common in the United States and can be treated, especially if detected early. At Iowa ENT Center, our physicians, licensed speech-language pathologists, audiologists and hearing professionals are dedicated to helping children (and grown-ups) hear and speak better.

One way we do this is by using the very latest technology. Watch this WHO-TV news story, which explains how Iowa ENT Center used a new device to help a six-year-old boy hear out of both ears for the first time ever.

Look for these early signs
Early detection is key to helping kids with speech or hearing problems. Signs of speech or language disorders in children include:

  • Doesn't socialize well with others
  • Doesn't comprehend or follow directions well
  • Can only say a few sounds or words, which aren't always easily understood
  • Can't combine words together starting at two years of age
  • Struggles to communicate with words or sounds

Signs of hearing loss in children:

  • Doesn't pay attention to sounds or follow simple commands
  • Doesn't react when their name is called
  • Has speech and language delays
  • Struggles academically, especially in reading and math
  • Constantly rubs or pulls at their ears or complains about ear pain after being exposed to loud noises
  • Doesn't socialize well with others

The right physicians can make a difference
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