Ringing of the ears refers to a condition doctors call “tinnitus.” This is defined as the perception of sound by a person when no external sound is present. This is frequently described as ringing, buzzing, whooshing, crickets, squeal or whine. Any number of other similar terms can be used.

Tinnitus has many causes, but in most cases, it's due to hearing loss of some kind. The brain is used to receiving a hearing signal from the ears. When that signal is dampened due to hearing loss, the brain perceives a static sound. This is experienced as a ringing or buzzing sound called tinnitus.

Only a high-quality hearing test can make the determination of what causes tinnitus. Any person experiencing tinnitus should undergo a hearing evaluation and a specialty physician consultation with a hearing expert.

At Iowa ENT Center, we specialize in the management of all forms of hearing loss. We have the expertise, training tools and experience to optimize results regardless of the cause of hearing loss.

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