When it comes to ENT care, kids have unique needs, symptoms and conditions. At Iowa ENT Center, we understand this. That’s why all of our physicians focus on providing the most advanced ENT care for children and adolescents. And that’s why we offer central Iowa’s only fellowship-trained pediatric otolaryngologist, Dr. Eytan Young.

At Iowa ENT Center, you’ll find the full spectrum of specialized ENT care for your child, including care for ear infections, sore throats, hearing loss, snoring and more.

We also offer pediatric care not available at many other ENT practices, including:

  • Treatment of newborn ear abnormalities. Iowa ENT Center is the only ENT practice in Iowa addressing newborn ear abnormalities, such as lob ear or cup ear deformities without surgery — and soon after birth.
  • Cochlear implant program. Cochlear implants can provide dramatic improvements in hearing for people with severe to profound hearing loss. Iowa ENT Center’s cochlear implant program has provided remarkable results for hearing-impaired children and their families.
  • Pediatric speech and voice lab. Our pediatric voice laboratory is one of just two in the state of Iowa. This allows us to provide comprehensive care for all types of pediatric speech and voice disorders. For instance, we have the most experience in Iowa in the medical and surgical management of velopharyngeal insufficiency (VPI)—a severe speech disorder limiting the capability for clear and understandable speech. Our pediatric voice lab also provides management of adolescent breathing disorders, including those common in high school athletics. These disorders frequently mimic asthma or cardiac anomalies but are remedied with accurate diagnosis and management by our speech pathologist.
  • Treatment of pediatric airway disorders. Dr. Young is the most experienced ENT physician in central Iowa in the management of pediatric airway disorders, with extensive experience in the surgical and non-surgical management of the squeaky newborn. Children born with respiratory distress wheezing stridor and possible failure to thrive need to be seen and evaluated. In some instances, surgical management is required.

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