Thyroid disorders can be among the most complex medical conditions encountered. They may represent an enormous spectrum of disease, including metabolic disorders, benign growth, malignant tumors and other conditions.

At Iowa ENT Center, our mission is to escort patients and their families through the diagnosis and treatment of surgical disorders of the thyroid gland—with an emphasis on education and individualized treatment. When it comes to thyroid disease, no two cases are truly alike. We understand that the management of each patient is unique, and our goal is to ensure our patients receive the best, most personalized care possible.

Our surgeons are highly experienced in thyroid surgery, including all ranges of thyroid conditions and patient ages. Minimally invasive surgery is a special focus in our center, including thyroid radiofrequency ablation (RFA)—a minimally invasive procedure for treating thyroid nodules with no surgery, no general anesthesia and (in most cases) no need for lifelong thyroid medication.

You can be assured that if surgery is necessary, we will tailor your surgery to your disease with a goal of making it the least invasive procedure possible. To schedule a consultation, fill out the form below, or call us at 515-223-4368.

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